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How to Submit a Listing for AtlantaPerforms.BIZ

Welcome to Atlanta Performs' Jobs & Auditions listing service for members and the performing arts industry.

First time submitting a listing to us? Please read the Important Policies and Standard Listing Information below.

Note: If you are not a current Partner or Associate Member of the Coalition, 
a $15 fee for a 2 week listing applies to all non-member organization listings. Non-members may post job or audition announcements only.

All Non-member organizations are asked to confirm their agreement to the posting fee by including your billing contact information (daytime phone number required) along with your submission. Companies in good standing who have posted previously will be invoiced.

Advance payment is required for non-member companies posting for the first time. When submitting your listing, please provide your daytime telephone number and billing address, you’ll be contacted for payment information or call at 404-588-9890 and ask for the Office Manager.

Submissions are accepted by Fax or Email.
Fax to 404-586-0054 attn: Hotline or Email to

Job, Audition and Listings are updated during our hours of business, which consist of Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm. (exceptions may include major holidays or days when staff may be called out of office for major AP events ).

Listings are posted on www.AtlantaPerforms.BIZ

Thank you from Atlanta Performs!


(A) We reserve the right to NOT POST any listing deemed inappropriate and/or not consistent with general standards and practices of our performing arts community and industry. As a policy, the Coalition does not promote Talent Searches, Model Searches or other similar contests.

(B) ALL submissions must be for opportunities with a legitimate organization or business.

(C) Non-member performing arts related businesses or organizations may submit listings for jobs and auditions. A fee applies to all non-member organization listings. (See details above)

Listings submitted for classes, workshops & other training opportunities, as well as calls for volunteers, calls for scripts and member-only discount ticket offers are reserved for current AP organization members only.

(D) We reserve the right to edit submissions as necessary and will post key information only -- see Standard Listing Information below.

(E) To make opportunities available to all, your listings must contain a contact phone number and/or fax number or mailing address for those without Internet access.

(F) Audition opportunities, which require participants to pay a fee (i.e. membership, registration etc) or to register/pay for a class MUST state such requirements in their listing.

(G) Listings run on the AtlantaPerforms.BIZ until the deadline (such as audition date or agreed pull date). Listings submitted without a deadline or a pull date are automatically removed after 2 weeks.

(H) We recommend that you submit your listing so that it will run a minimum of two weeks in advance of your audition date or other deadline. Listings which expire less than one week from date of submission may not be included.


AUDITIONS Standard Listing Information:
Includes auditions for Youth & Children, Musical Theatre, Non-Musical Theatre, Dance, Film, and Training Opportunities (which require auditions).
(1) Name of Company
(2) Production Title (unless general audition)
(3) Date(s) and Time(s) of audition
(4) Brief Description of Casting Needs (i.e.: women 30-40, 1 child 6 with red hair, dancers with modern dance experience)
(5) Brief Description of Audition Requirements (i.e.: 1 minute contemporary monologue, 16 bars song, dress to move, bring headshot/resume, bring tape or music in key)
(6) Brief synopsis of the production - no more than 1-2 brief sentences. Will edit as needed. (i.e. Goldfish Chronicles is about the everyday life of Goldie and the child who loves her)
Note: In cases of season/general auditions, this synopsis may be omitted due to limited space, however production titles will be included in the listing.
(7) Union Status for auditions (ie: Equity or non-Equity or other union affiliation)
(8) State if Pay is offered (or no pay offered). $ amount of pay offered is optional.
(9) State if Audition Fees Apply or audition is intended for a class. If yes, we will list such auditions under a separate category for training and reserve the right not to post listings deemed inappropriate.
(10) Address of Audition Location
(11) Run of Show (i.e. June 1-October 2)
(12) Contact Info - a telephone number, email address, mailing address, and website address if available (weblink provided through company name) Note: if using email as your primary contact, please include at least one alternative contact option for those without Internet access (i.e. phone or fax)


JOBS Standard Listing Information:
Note: a minimum stipend must be paid to be included in the jobs section.
(1) Name of Company
(2) Title of Job Opening
(3) Brief Description of Job (i.e.: Virtual Box office Manager, responsible for online ticket sales)
(4) Brief Description of Minimum Requirements (i.e.: bachelor's degree and 2 years experience)
(5) Indicate if Paid Hourly, Salaried, Contract or Stipend ($ amount paid optional)
(6) Deadline to Submit Resume (Note: if a pull date or submission deadline is not provided, listing will be pulled after 2 weeks.)
(7) Description of How to Submit Resume - (i.e. submit resume with cover letter and references by fax or email to Joan Suza, Director of Communications). Note: if using email as your primary contact, please include at least one alternative contact option for those without Internet access (i.e. provide additional fax, mailing address or phone number)
(8) Website address if available (link provided through company name)

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