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The Center for Puppetry Arts is accepting resumes from theatre technicians with skills in electrics, sound, and video for a full time position of Master Electrician (ME). The ME is responsible for managing the Production Department’s lighting, sound, video, and atmospheric effects (atmo) systems for each show. In addition to these responsibilities, the ME also assists in the technical needs of the Center as a whole.

Organization Background:
The Center for Puppetry Arts is the largest nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to the art form of puppetry. The Center’s mission is to inspire imagination, education, and community through the global art of puppetry. For further information, visit our website at

Reports to:
• Producer and Production Manager

Direct reports are:
• Overhire Electrics Crews
• Electrics Interns

Primary responsibilities:
• Facilitate show development through effective communication of electrics, sound and video needs with designers and directors
• Lead electrics crew in the changeover of shows, which includes installing the lighting, audio, video, and atmo needs for Center and guest artist productions
o Hang, circuit, and focus lighting plots
o Prepare sound systems for rehearsals and performances
o Hang and focus of video projection equipment
• Service guest artist technical needs (design, hang, focus, programming, etc.)
• Prep upcoming shows (pulling gear, cutting gel, etc.)
• Interface with media visits (audio tie-ins, additional tech needs)
• Stand in Tech / Designer when needed
o Rehearsal microphone EQ
o Focus projectors and video programming
o Help designers with unfamiliar equipment
• Construct specialty lighting and gear needs for shows
• Maintain show documentation for lighting, audio, video and atmo systems
o Draft plots (Light, Sound, and Video)
o Update and archive paperwork
o Take and archive tech and focus pictures
• Maintain the lighting, sound, video, and atmospheric effects inventories
o Service and repair equipment
o Determine upgrades that are needed
• Maintain and organize the Electrics shop, keeping it in a state of readiness for upcoming shows and events
• Serve as show tech support and stage manager understudy as needed
• Arrange hiring of electrics overhire crew needed
• Supervise electrics internships

Other Responsibilities:
• Provide Tech Support for Museum including but not limited to:
o Run electrics load-ins for new exhibits
o Construct specialty lighting equipment needs
o Service and repair equipment
o Determine upgrades that are needed
o R&D Solutions for special projects
• Maintain movie night equipment
• Maintain atrium sound system
• Provide tech support for special projects / events
• Provide limited tech support for meetings and rentals
• Fulfill the electric needs for other Center activities (events, tours, etc.)
• Serve as part of the Emergency Action Team
• Collaborate with Facilities Manager regarding facilities safety; consult with outside contractors and project managers as needed.

Physical Demands:
• Comfortable working on ladders (all spaces have dead-hung grids)
• Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds regularly
• Ability to move and manipulate 85 pound ladders
• Specific Vision Requirements: Color Vision & Depth Perception
• Specific Hearing Requirements: Must have full range of hearing

• 3-5 Years of professional experience with 1 year of supervisory experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in technical theatre or related field, MFA preferred
• Skills in crew management and scheduling; shop and inventory management; lighting, sound, and video system operations; electrical, audio, and video wiring; problem solving
• Motivated and responsible
• Team-oriented attitude
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Vectorworks, Lightwright, Q-lab (audio, video, & automation)
• Proficiency in ETC lighting equipment (ION, Express) preferred
• Knowledge of theatre drafting standards
• Wireless microphone coordination
• Basic Carpentry skills
• Available to work some nights, week-ends, and possible holidays

Design opportunities may become available but are not the focus of this position.

To apply:
Please send cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to:
or mail to: Center for Puppetry Arts, Attn: HR, 1404 Spring St. N.W., Atlanta, GA 30309-2820.

Please note any attachment over 10 MB may need to be sent in separate emails.
No phone calls please. If you have questions, please email
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Costume Assistant Category: Tech & Production

Please email your resume and two professional references to Anné Carole Butler at

Start date TBA mid to late July for training
At least 1-2 years’ experience in the costuming/costume shop experience
30-35 hours a week, especially weekend and some evenings, mostly day time.
Good sewing skills and attention to detail
Basic pattern-making skills.
A team player mindset: costume assistants work with directors, the stage manager and ASM, designers, actors, and volunteers to build and run a show and keep everyone safe on and off stage. This work requires an ability to see the big picture without relinquishing details and a cool head when conflict arises.

Additionally, applicant will be expected to:

- Be able to demonstrate color coordination and creative problem solving.
- Must be able to work unsupervised when the costume designer is working at her studio location.
- Work with the pulling assistant to pull costumes for each show according to the pulling list sent by costume designer. Note: costumes can be heavy!
- Be able to gain quick knowledge of costume shop stock by using previous show archives.
- Be present for every costume fitting and costume parade for all shows, generally held on weekends (10am-1pm on Saturdays or 1pm-5pm on Sundays) two times a month.
- Be present for tech rehearsal and dress rehearsal for all shows
- Be present at the strike of each show to take away previous costumes and move the next show in, generally after the last show on Sunday evening.
- Work with the Assistant Stage Manager to keep the dressing rooms stocked with in-show supplies
- Keep the downstairs shop organized and assist the pulling assistant in keeping the upstairs shop organized
- Assist the pulling assistant in restocking and disinfecting all costumes and shoes from previous show as soon as possible
- Check the current show's repairs list (a.k.a. the Boo-boo Board) daily and complete them in a timely manner
- Requires a basic knowledge of costume history and previous costume shop experience

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